10.12.2013, Tuesday, 04:44 pm

Great post!!

DIarY oF a pRe-TeEn reBEL

Uncle Gavin arrived yesterday morning. I was up all night, wondering how exactly I was supposed to greet him. No WAY was I going to kiss him on the LIPS. -I mean, he may be my uncle and all, but, seriously… Ew [I hope Uncle G NEVER reads that. It would break his heart]- And a handshake was going to be too formal. Maybe a hug?? Or a peck on the cheek???

Anyway, Aunt Samantha and the kids couldn’t make it because of something that came up just a few days before departure, but they’ll be coming tomorrow, and boy am I looking forward to that!!

Yesterday was one of the best days of 2013. It was so awesome seeing Unc G, face-to-face [and not on Skype either]. It was like he wasn’t really there, like I wasn’t really approaching him and then wasn’t really being enveloped by him in…

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06.12.2013, Friday, 04:29 pm

DIarY oF a pRe-TeEn reBEL

Just have enough time to dash this off before leaving for karate. -This is the first time in my entire life that I’m actually dreading going for k class. On one hand, I’m thinking what is wrong with me?? on the other hand, I’m like, maybe I am right in being this way. After all, I did fail in my most recent competition. Miserably– Nothing much happened at school.

Did I just write nothing much?? I mean nothing at all. AT ALL. -Unless getting bitten by a red bully ant during sixth period Geography counts as something- I just waked in during Homeroom, slept my way through eight periods before trudging back home.

School is just getting more and more boring by the day. Maybe they’ll start teaching us how to brush our teeth properly from tomorrow. Who knows??

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The Thirty-Fourth Text

A beautiful poem, is it not??

WOof Diaries

Even though this day is drawing to an end, I cannot think of one single thing I have done of some usefulness today. Not one. Unless you consider playing JetpackJoyride on the iPad mini a fruitful way to spend time, I am forced to consider today as an absolute waste.

So, as a guilt-buster, I am jotting down a poem, dedicated to the love of my life; Food. It is from the heart and-I have to admit- a novice’s masterpiece, but I’ll learn. Promise.

Midnight Snack

A hungry dwarf, that I am

Craving a frizzy, soda can

Its half past twelve

My stomach rumbles

I’m hungry and

My poor brain tumbles

I feel the starvation 

creeping up

Oh how I long a

Sippy cup

Of milkshakes with bits of

Pulpy fruit

That will calm down my famished

Sweet tooth

My mind swirls 

Round and round

As I hear the midnight…

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The Age Of Technology

A must-read. Exceptionally true.


The internet is taking over our lives rapidly. The usage of letters as a means of communication is slowly dying down. People are turning to inventions like Skype and Wassap to connect with relatives scattered over the globe.

Tweens sit hunched up over the computer’s keyboard, typing furiously about their new status; ‘Perched on the commode,’ ‘Blinking my eyes’ and ‘Killed mosquito number 57.’ Adults spend hours on end updating their Twitter accounts.

People actually going outdoors and spending the day picnicking with the family is turning into a rarity. Just the other day, as I sat around a table at a popular eatery with my parents and my little sister, I spotted a boy -not older than thirteen- ignoring the pleasant chatter his parents were indulging in. Instead, he feasted his eyes on his tablet, playing Minecraft like there was no tomorrow.

People are pushing the limits when it…

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01.11.2013, Thursday, 09:48 pm

DIarY oF a pRe-TeEn reBEL

Today is the first day of November. We are precisely two months away from 2013 2014 [seriously, this has got to be the fifth time today that I mistook this year for 2012].

Greta, one of my best buds, is coming over at around ten o’clock. I have chalked down a list of things to do today [because whenever my pals have come over in the past, all we do is walk around the house like the living dead and ask ourselves what we can do]:

Taylor Skarr’s List Of Things To Do When Greta Comes Over On The First Of November:

1] Bake a banana cake for mum [ingredients in the cookie shelf]

2] Exchange ghost stories on the hammock [it is Halloween and all…]

3] Surf YouTube for Katy Perry music videos [he ones we haven’t listened to a billion times anyway]

4] Watch a Star Trek movie…

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20.10.2013, Sunday, 12:28 pm

DIarY oF a pRe-TeEn reBEL

Didn’t go for my early-morning karate weapons session today because mum thought it would be best if I rested. Well, that totally set me in a bad mood, because I happen to LOVE my karate class. But, as there wasn’t much I could do about it, I decided to just make the best of this holiday by loading myself with ice cream till it poured out of my ears. And that’s EXACTLY what I did [along with staring at the television] until I heard a taxi honk a WAY loud horn below our building. At that moment, I knew exactly who was in the cab; my dad.

My father doesn’t exactly approve of frozen treats or blankly watching the telly during an exam week, so I hurriedly screwed on the Baskin Robins tub shut, shut the idiot box, tore myself away from the insanely comfortable sofa and dragged my feet all…

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The Twenty-Eighth Scribble

WOof Diaries

Ugh!! Turns out Uncle Gordon is arriving only on the 30th of November [who is Uncle Gordon?? To find out, read The Twenty-Fourth Fable NOW!!]. This sucks. I thought he would be here in the next couple of days, so I have already chewed up all my lovely, fluffy toys [because I thought that he would buy me a whole department store of new cuddlies and get the, all the way over here for me to play with. But how can he do that when he’s set to arrive NEXT MONTH??????]

Along with this revelation, there was a whole bunch of other stuff that happened that made this day a bummer. Mum served me my lunch half a hour late, I had to bathe [I believe that if the creator really wanted us to be clean, he would have added a built-in cleanser-izor in our never-ending list of organs] with…

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21.10. 2013, Monday, 8:59 pm

DIarY oF a pRe-TeEn reBEL

Exam: Science

It was: Not Good 😦

[I seriously do NOT want to talk about my science paper, so let’s move on before things get messy]

Karate exam in SIX DAYS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! AAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

[Okay, I don’t think I want to continue discussing my karate exam either, because all it really does is make my tummy turn to jelly]

Anyway, for our French exam on Saturday, I chose the topic Mon Pére [translation: my father]. Here’s what I wrote. [Don’t worry. I know that you can’t read French, DeDe, so I have pasted an accurate translation below the document. So sit back and prepare yourself for a good laugh over my pathetic command over the language of the Parisians]


Mon père est Travis. Il a trente-neuf ans. Il anniversaire est la vingt-deux Aout. Il est Américain. Il est intelligent, longue,beau et mince. Il est tres bon et sympathique. Mon pére…

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23.10.2013, Wednesday, 2:22 pm

DIarY oF a pRe-TeEn reBEL

Today’s exam: Mathematics

Comment: Pie 😛

We are going to the movies!! Yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes!!! Oh yeah, we are, and YOU are SO NOT invited, DeDe!! Ha ha ha!!! Yeah!! We are going to watch a film in the THEATER!!!!!! La la la, I’m so HAPPY!!!!! >High fives imaginary friend, Noel< Yeah, yeah I’m going with the family to the AIR CONDITIONED multiplex!!!! Na na na na na!! How sweet is the fruit of expectation!! La la la la!!

[You must be wondering, who is this weird, hyper girl who gets super excited about going to the CINEMA?!!???

Trust me, you do NOT want to know]

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